Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy World Down Syndrome Day

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I always find children to be a bountiful source of inspiration.  Looking for something inspiring to post for World Down Syndrome Day, I asked my six year old twins if they had a message for the occasion.  To put it in age appropriate terms, I asked them specifically, if they had a message for Wyatt, their best friend's baby brother (who turned a year old with his twin sister just over a month ago) who has Down Syndrome.  I found a SMILE treasure trove of Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Love and Education in their responses.

"What do you love about about Wyatt?"

If you could make a wish to give to Wyatt, what would you want him to have for his future? 

This came out of my daughter's mouth almost verbatim. Wow! I'm glad my husband replenished the reachable kleenex supply yesterday. My son's response made me equally proud, especially after several conversations about keeping our hands to ourselves:

After a long list of "firsts" that most infants transitioning into toddler-dom experience, we agreed that we could sum up the first steps, first teeth, first words, first jump, skip and hop, first tree climbed, first joke shared and the endless other firsts that continued after into the following:

Happy World Down Syndrome Day, Wyatt.

Happy World Down Syndrome Day to all.

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Psychojenic said...

Thank you so much, Skye for sharing this in the T-21 Blog Hop.