Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around the World: Vancouver

December 11, 1991

On my way to Vancouver. It's a beautiful day for flying and I have a clear view of the mountains below.

Back on home soil for two more days before putting some of the Pacific Ocean behind me. There's a sense of excitement mixed with trepidation and anticipation. In 36 hours, I'll be the stranger in a strange land. I can't even picture what the places I'm soon to visit are like. For now, it's already been a long day. The bus ride from the airport to the hostel was over two hours and my tummy is grumbling for a nosh.

Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC.
Photo by Flying Penguin from Wikipedia Commons

Dinner is cheese, milk, bread, salad and an orange, all for $6. That, plus the bun and peanut butter package I saved from the meal on the plane will be dinner tonight. The hostel is close to Jericho Beach, but it's only 6 degrees, a bit too brisk for swimming. I'm in a dorm with 15 other people, but my area is sectioned off to include only 2 bunk beds. Going to Stanley Park tomorrow and then I'll head back to the airport. The flight for Waikiki leaves really early in the morning so I'll save myself the two hour bus trip very early in the morning and just sleep at the airport.

People in Vancouver are very friendly.

• ¤ •

"If you just look at all that already exists in your life, all that you already have: unlimited air to breathe, ample lighting to see, music to hear, books to read, stars to dream by, trees to gaze at, floors to dance on, friends to cavort with, enemies to befriend, strangers to meet, woods to walk through, beaches to comb, rocks to scale, rains to cleanse you, rivers to float you, animals to comfort you, you do have to admit, there's more of it than you could ever, ever, ever spend.

But try anyway."
~Mike Dooley