Sunday, October 9, 2011

Better history through popsicle crafts

DAYCARE THEME: Thanksgiving

CRAFT: Popsicle people - Pilgrims and Indians

ACTIVITY: Puppet show


A long time ago, people lived in a faraway land with lots of rules and very little fun. The people grew tired of always being told what to do.

They took a ship and sailed across the ocean to a place they heard about called "The New Land". There was no king there and no rules. The Pilgrims thought that sounded awesome. But the trip across the ocean was long and many of the pilgrims got very sick on the way.

Dude, you don't look so good

When the Pilgrims arrived at The New Land, it was winter. There was nothing to eat and they were very cold. The Indians, who had been living in this land for some time already, saw the Pilgrims suffering and felt sorry for them. They offered to help teach the Pilgrims how to survive in this hostile new land.

I never get cold as long as I wear my hat

The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to plant seeds and taught them what plants they could eat and which ones were poisonous, and they helped the Pilgrims built shelters that would protect them from the brutally cold winters.

The following autumn, the seeds had grown into plants bountiful with fruits and vegetables. Grateful for the Indian's assistance, the Pilgrims invited their new friends over for a feast and so began the tradition of Thanksgiving.

I've been basting that burger all day

The Pilgrims and the Indians ate and ate and ate some more. The food was so delicious, everybody just kept eating until nobody could eat another crumb. And another well known Thanksgiving tradition was invented:


Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Eat responsibly.

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